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  • Paradox Alarm System

    Description The MG6250 has been developed with the latest industry requirements in mind regarding multi-channel reporting. Paradox`s Simultaneous Six-channel Reporting offers reporting via IP*, GPRS, GSM, SMS, Voice, and traditional landline. Simultaneous Six-channel Reporting was designed to be highly reliable and economical, with minimal programming. Under normal conditions, the console uses pre-determined reporting sequences based on channel availability, speed, and cost-effectiveness. In case of a panic or alarm, the console will report on all six channels, making sure the report is transmitted. This ensures worry-free, reliable communication with the central station. The MG6250 supports two partitions for two separate security-monitored areas, with up to 64 wireless zones. In addition, the console also offers three arming levels: Stay, Sleep, and Full arming, as well as StayD-Paradox’s patented protection level that ensures better, adaptable, protected living. Offered in both white and silver, the MG6250 blends into any decor

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  • Sophos-Firewall


    Future-ready Security for SME networks | Sophos-Firewall

    The “Next-Generation” Series: The fastest UTMs made for SMEs

    Sophos-Firewall series of Unified Threat Management appliances are the Next-Generation network security appliances that include UTM security features along with performance required for future networks. The NG series for SMEs are the “fastest UTMs” made for this segment. The best-in-class hardware along with software to match, enables the NG series to offer unmatched throughput speeds, compared to any other UTM appliance in this market segment. This assures support for future IT trends in organizations like high-speed Internet and rising number of devices in organizations – offering future-ready security to SMEs.