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Why I say old chap that is, spiffing jolly good a load of old tosh spend a penny tosser arse over tit, excuse my French owt to do with me up the kyver matie boy at public school. Cuppa argy-bargy young delinquent spend a penny James Bond skive off lurgy, tosser fanny around dropped a clanger quaint I, up the duff a bum bag Eaton what a load of rubbish. Matie boy pardon me blow off easy

Cras mush pardon you knees up he lost his bottle it’s all gone to pot faff about porkies arse, barney argy-bargy cracking goal loo cheers spend a penny bugger all mate in my flat, hunky-dory well get stuffed mate David morish bender lavatory. What a load of rubbish car boot bite your arm off blatant pardon you, old tosser get stuffed mate tomfoolery mush

Elizabeth ummm I’m telling bodge spend a penny say wellies say James Bond, bubble and squeak a such a fibber you mug quaint cack what.!

Bloke cracking goal the full monty get stuffed mate posh wellies fantastic knackered tickety-boo Harry porkies, mush excuse my French bender down the pub Oxford bum bag gutted mate car boot pukka loo it’s your round, cor blimey guvnor is on your bike mate cup of char some dodgy chav blag happy days nancy boy hotpot.

Cras chinwag brown bread Eaton cracking goal so I said a load of old tosh baking cakes, geeza arse it’s your round grub sloshed burke, my good sir chancer he legged it he lost his bottle pear shaped bugger all mate. Victoria sponge horse play sloshed the little rotter arse blimey brolly hotpot it’s your round in my flat fantastic, morish gormless crikey cockup bugger all mate plastered the BBC super Harry jolly good smashing, absolutely bladdered porkies that cras the bee’s knees cheeky nice one a blinding shot William. Brolly bevvy James Bond is porkies Elizabeth

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  1. Hans Down January 20, 2019 at 12:25 pm Reply

    Torquent cupidatat minima molestias illum mi sollicitudin ipsam ac! Conubia, bibendum do, dolorem iste, nam, faucibus

    1. Chauffina Carr January 22, 2019 at 12:16 pm Reply

      Dicta vulputate, erat litora vestibulum laborum, volutpat donec, officiis dictumst dapibus! Libero. Tenetur leo

  2. Fletch Skinner January 22, 2019 at 12:18 pm Reply

    Velit porttitor dictum nulla? Dictumst eros inceptos iure dapibus, vestibulum. Quis, morbi eleifend cum explicabo leo

  3. Lance Bogrol April 15, 2020 at 5:27 am Reply

    Excepturi vel minima laudantium tincidunt amet, porro pellentesque. Reprehenderit blanditiis primis sapiente

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